7 Real reason why playerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, ‘PUBG’ Best Battle Royale Game over Fortnite


Nowadays Every guy gonna crazy about two well Known Best battle Royale Game. One is PlayerUnknown Battleground  “PUBG” and another one is “Fortnite: Battle Royale,” we tell you why they are crazy about both game.                                                                                                                            

A lot of crazy fan around theirs, who loved to play PlayerUnknown battleground ‘PUBG’ as well as “Fortnite: Battle Royale” game. There is Specific age group person, every age Number are Involve in gamers list. Celebrities are Playing it, teenagers are playing it to get prom dates, and college has started offering Scholarships to the best players. More than that. And another side Fortnite has the become the Entry point to video games for new young Players to become gamers. How can you choose Best battle Royale Game in 2018? 

Fortnite may seem to be in a league of its own, it’s actually one of many games in the emerging “Battle Royale Games” genre, in this game Gamers are playing each other in a kill-or-be-killed competition. Like Hollywood movie “Hunger Game

Another side “PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds” or PUBG was the most-Played battle-Royale game Before Fortnite Comes. And is largely considered to be the grungier, more mature alternative. And Both games have their own best point for the battle-royale audience and inspires many hated debates along the ways. Here we presenting 7 Valid Point to the right choice between PUBG And Fortnite game.


Let me explain about Fortnite or PUBG which Is Best Battle Royale Game-


PUBG and Fortnite game has a lot of common things. They are both multi-player online shooter game, that allows to play solo or team play and subscribe to the battle royale format, in which drop 100 number of player at a time into an enclosed space where they must look for weapon, medical supplies and other needful resources in the effort to be last and stand alive.



Both Games comes out in the fall of 2017. Fortnite is actually a free mode of another game that was in development for roughly six years. The “Battle Royale Game” mode is free to play on desktop, Mobile, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. And another side PUBG- is created by a famous developer and modder Brendan Greene, Known online as ”Playerunknown”- began only a year before It’s released. But it’s not free, PUBG costs about $29.99 for desktop and Xbox One, BUY HERE And has a free mobile version.



1. Firing Style in PUBG in much more accurate and realistic as comparing Fortnite


PUBG have realism extend to its combat and its depictions of firing and types of Gun. You will see like in real life, gun- specific recoil forces the shooter to adjust their aim after every single shot, reloading, Mostly player loved to fight with the gun as compared to long- distance,  the characters are a lot harder to hit. Maybe PUBG’s mechanics can be frustrating for a beginner, but if you try to be fast to find the best weapon definitely you’ll get killed. So be patient and try to alive.

2. Vehicles can give a great experience to get into map quickly and avoid enemies.

Important thing is, the PUBG map is so large. In this game, player are able to drive cars, Motorcycles and even boat to get inside the circle, but Fortnite player can’t so that things. And in playable circle vehicle giver more advantage for kind of defensive player. Not like me, I like to attack enemies. And With the big vehicle, I can clean opponent player in PUBG game.


3. PUBG have more realistic combat and high shooting and Blast effect make it more violent than Fortnite.


Now I understand why some people prefer Fortnite in the regard, especially they love to play nonviolence games. But if I talked my choice, I like to play more aggressive or realistic game like Crysis series, Call of Duty Series.  Because I love shooting, Blast and full of action scenes, Violence can be used to invoke strong emotion and involuntary reactions from an audience. And Best Battle Royale Game “PUBG” give me a lot of boom movement with high graphics and realistic Combat fight.


4. The Map, Imagery, mechanics and overall graphics of the Game are too good and more realistic as compared to the cartoon style in Fortnite. That’s looks great

Realistic is the biggest plus point to make “PUBG” Best Battle Royale Game over Fortnite Game. In a simple way, you can say PUBG relies on realistic art and controls to raise the stake for the player, creating an adrenaline rush that makes each round more exhilarating than the last. You know what happened last night, just covered myself behind the wall, and suddenly I get hit by loud fire.

The rush makes me a better player and makes the game more enjoyable. If you’re like me and enjoy an experience that will get your blood pumping — think horror movies or roller coasters — you’ll probably also like PUBG better than Fortnite.  


5. A Larger Map in PUBG gives you chance to play with Vehicles.

As a personal experience, Larger Map gives you endless joy to play a game. At the time of publishing, PUBG has two maps. Both are roughly five square miles of mostly wide open, desolate land that often leaves players without cover from a sniper shot. In Fortnite players can calculate that the island, which isn’t given a real-world scale – is about to 2.5 square Kilometer, that was too short. For vast map scale even I don’t encounter another person for 20-minutes or sometimes I got killed by a sniper shot, that was my bad.


6. PUBG game is so serious, even upcoming quick movement make you dead or endless joy

For Example, if you try to get a weapon and after all, you got a Frying pan, and the funny thing is you can kill enemies with Frying Pan. Or you can kill an enemy with a single Blow to the head.

On YouTube, there are a lot of video of playing and trying to do that’s trick. And other tricks while driving Motorcycles off of ramp-shaped rocks. Players are crazy for surviving and making a lot of fun with co-players.


7. Overall PUBG offers a more Fun and adventure with a realistic environment and intense experience.

After spending a lot of time with my Game PC and Involve with PUBG, Its make me full of joy to play with Unknown Buddies. it’s a good ego-booster and still offers a lot of the same fun on any Best Battle Royale Game. but each round is less exciting, each shootout less satisfying, and each lossless motivating than those offered to the player in PUBG

That’s why PUBG as Best Battle Royale Game on all games list. And now many more Battle Royale game is available. I’ll bring those list in next articles. if you have any query feel free and mail us.





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